Jonathan Morden

I’m Jonathan Morden, bass player for the band, Vintage Pistol.

I was welcomed to the Elberon Amplifiers family 5 months ago and have been using their Ranger Tone Drive Preamp pedal ever since. It is one of the most important tools in my pedal chain for dialing in my sound.

I love this pedal because, with the gain dialed back, it keeps the original clarity of my sound intact, but adds a little grit to the signal, giving me a subtle overdriven sound. On the other hand, I can crank the gain and get a massive fuzz effect. Also, with the 3 band EQ, I can make small adjustments to really dial in the sound I want, which is great when playing in different types of rooms every night. Since I’ve started using this preamp, in both live and studio settings I’ve gotten many compliments on my bass tone and how it has just the right amount of low end punch, while still being able to cut through the mix. For me, the Ranger Tone Drive is an essential tool for subtle sound enhancement, while giving me the option to add some aggression in my tone.

Elberon Amplifiers is an exceptional audio company who makes top quality, handcrafted audio products. I’m honored to play their gear, and can’t wait to see what they will come up with next.