Elberon amps and pedals come directly from the Granger family nexus of engineering and creativity. It’s a wonderful thing to see and a pleasure to know those guys. They clearly love the entire process of working closely with the customer to handmake original gear specific to their needs, and each piece is unique and tweakable.

For example, the GTO overdrive has an adjustment for the sensitivity of the gain knob inside. In this way it is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of instruments. I love using it with both my Nord Electro and Moog Sub 37 to get grittier, overdriven tones without too much distortion.

Ian McIsaac

Mike, Matthew and John Granger are making some great hand wired amplifiers and pedals and this boost is no exception, it’s solid. Sometimes I use it as a boost but other times I find its sweet spot and leave it on as added octane for my amplifier. It really howls at the moon when I use it with my lap steel guitar. The sound is visceral with or without distortion, also very clear. You could even use it as a fuzz if you manipulated it, there’s a lot of versatility. I’ve enjoyed Boss’ Blues Driver Pedal over the years but the Elberon pedal surpasses it with its boutique analog qualities. I’ve been calling this pedal, ‘The Ah, Hell’ and I encourage my guitar friends to check it out and this growing company, the Grangers are making some great products.

Matt Walsh

I’m Jonathan Morden, bass player for the band, Vintage Pistol.

I was welcomed to the Elberon Amplifiers family 5 months ago and have been using their Ranger Tone Drive Preamp pedal ever since. It is one of the most important tools in my pedal chain for dialing in my sound.

I love this pedal because, with the gain dialed back, it keeps the original clarity of my sound intact, but adds a little grit to the signal, giving me a subtle overdriven sound. On the other hand, I can crank the gain and get a massive fuzz effect. Also, with the 3 band EQ, I can make small adjustments to really dial in the sound I want, which is great when playing in different types of rooms every night. Since I’ve started using this preamp, in both live and studio settings I’ve gotten many compliments on my bass tone and how it has just the right amount of low end punch, while still being able to cut through the mix. For me, the Ranger Tone Drive is an essential tool for subtle sound enhancement, while giving me the option to add some aggression in my tone.

Elberon Amplifiers is an exceptional audio company who makes top quality, handcrafted audio products. I’m honored to play their gear, and can’t wait to see what they will come up with next.

Jonathan Morden

I proudly sport the latest edition of the Elberon Ranger Tone Drive on my bass pedal board for one reason, it just sounds amazing. On everything. Bass, guitar, keys, you name it. The Ranger is a magnificent All-Purpose preamp that delivers a sonic profile that saturates and enhances the full sonic spectrum of your tone from stage rattling lows, to crisp attention grabbing highs. The cherry on top with Elberon products is that you get to work DIRECTLY with the builders on your gear, giving you control over custom features ranging from unique clean boost options to specific headroom options. I love my Ranger Tone Drive and I believe that its potential has just begun to reveal itself in the world of tone. If you take tone seriously, Elberon has your back!

Josh Clark

Imagine this – a drive pedal that doesn’t take away any of the frequencies of your guitar tone. A drive pedal that adds some subtle frequencies across the full spectrum like a preamp. A drive pedal that preserves delicate dynamics when lightly played through but sounds stoutly bigger than life when striking a passionately played chord. The gain knob goes from slightly adding some tasty gain harmonics to your clean tone to the sound of a massive amp stack. The bass and treble controls give you a wide variety of sweep to dial in your perfect tone. This drive happily replaced my JHS Morning Glory on my large premium pedalboard. Sounds great stacked with an Ibanez Tubescreamer before it for solos. It makes the Tubescreamer sound better than a Tubescreamer by itself. This pedal adds a fire to your tone without the flames. That’s why I call mine the Charcoal Drive. I’ve played a lot of drive pedals over past 35 years or so and currently use several. This is by far my favorite drive pedal. Thanks Elberon!

Joel McCreight