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With more than 50 years experience in both audio and electronics industries, we have honed the art of crafting cutting-edge products that deliver flawless tone to your audience. Personalized service. Innovative design. Tonal purity.

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Ranger Preamp Pedal

  • All analog Class A circuitry.
  • High quality components, hand selected and tested for performance, reliability, and tone. Orange Drop capacitors used in tone critical areas. Switchcraft input and output jacks.
  • Controls include: Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master Volume, 6dB boost footswitch.
  • Chassis mounted DC -9V power input jack.
  • Can be powered by up to -18V for higher gain and increased headroom.
  • Hand wired. Made with pride in the USA.

Gto overdrive/boost pedal

  • All analog class A circuitry.
  • Input GAIN and output DRIVE control knobs with full size, hand wired, high quality pots.
  • Premium quality Switchcraft input and output chassis mounted jacks.
  • Long life, high quality, chassis mounted stomp switch.
  • Chassis mounted DC -9V power input jack.
  • Can be powered by up to -18V for higher gain and increased headroom.
  • True wire bypass when switch is in “off” position, with absolutely no degradation of tone or signal level.
  • Wide responsive range goes from clean boost to high energy, smooth overdrive distortion.
  • Increased punch and pick dynamics.
  • Low noise metal film resistors and polypropylene caps used throughout.
  • LED lets you see whether pedal is active bypassed.
  • Rugged and road worthy heavy gauge cast aluminum box.
  • Hand wired. Made with pride in the USA.

Ranger combo amplifier

  • 25 Watt RMS power output. Heavy-duty, low noise power supply design.
  • Eminence speaker standard.
  • High quality components. Hand selected and tested for reliability, performance, and tone. Including Orange Drop capacitors in tone-critical areas.
  • Class “A” bias on output valves and preamp.
  • Full size 3 spring reverb tank.
  • One high impedance and one normal impedance input.
  • Dual footswitch inputs for built-in boost (6db) and crunch tone.
  • Controls include: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Master Volume, Reverb, and Presence.
  • Can be built as a head unit amp.
  • Available options include: Various speaker selections and configurations, Preamp Out, Power Amp In, Effects Loop.
  • Hand wired. Made with pride in the USA.
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Elberon amps and pedals come directly from the Granger family nexus of engineering and creativity. It’s a wonderful thing to see and a pleasure to know those guys. They clearly love the entire process of working closely with the customer to handmake original gear specific to their needs, and each piece is unique and tweakable.

For example, the GTO overdrive has an adjustment for the sensitivity of the gain knob inside. In this way it is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of instruments. I love using it with both my Nord Electro and Moog Sub 37 to get grittier, overdriven tones without too much distortion.

Ian McIsaac

Mike, Matthew and John Granger are making some great hand wired amplifiers and pedals and this boost is no exception, it’s solid. Sometimes I use it as a boost but other times I find its sweet spot and leave it on as added octane for my amplifier. It really howls at the moon when I use it with my lap steel guitar. The sound is visceral with or without distortion, also very clear. You could even use it as a fuzz if you manipulated it, there’s a lot of versatility. I’ve enjoyed Boss’ Blues Driver Pedal over the years but the Elberon pedal surpasses it with its boutique analog qualities. I’ve been calling this pedal, ‘The Ah, Hell’ and I encourage my guitar friends to check it out and this growing company, the Grangers are making some great products.

Matt Walsh

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